• Kimberly Sullivan

6 Ways to Customize Free Wix Fonts + Make Them Your Own

Did you know that the Wix Editor comes with over 100 fonts that you can use for totally free?! Now you might be thinking, "I'd never want to use the free fonts because I can't possibly stand out using the same fonts everyone else uses!" That's a fair point, but thankfully, it's not 100% true! You CAN stand out using free fonts because there are a couple of super easy ways to transform the free Wix fonts to change the way they look and make them totally your brand. Keep reading to learn 6 simple tricks to customize the free Wix fonts to fit your unique brand.

(P.S. Don't worry if you've already established a brand that includes custom fonts - you can upload them to Wix for free, too!)

Change the capitalization

Writing in all capitals or all lowercase can really change the look and feel of a font. And it's such a simple change! While writing in all capitals isn't really practical for paragraphs and larger bodies of text, it can add some serious punchiness and character to headings or titles. Play around with changing the capitalization of a few different fonts to see how you like them, keeping your branding in mind. Do the font and the way it's written in all capitals (or even all lowercase) match the look and feel your brand is trying to evoke? Give it a try!

Below is an example that showcases the font, Oswald Medium, first with traditional capitalization and second in all capitals. Notice how changing this particular font to all capitals makes the letter heights consistent, resulting in a much more prominent, bold, and authoritative look!

Adjust the letter spacing

Adjusting the letter spacing of a font is one of my personal favorite ways to transform a font. With Wix, you can adjust the letter spacing of fonts to increase or decrease the space between letters. Increasing the letter spacing of a font is a great way to improve its readability, so I particularly love to use this technique on fonts in paragraph text. However, playing around with the spacing of your header fonts, whether increasing or decreasing the space between letters, can give them a really unique look, too!

The example below shows the Nimbus Sans font, first with a letter spacing of zero (which is standard) and then with a letter spacing of 0.05. While the letters are of course the same (considering they're the same font), when they're spaced out a little bit farther, the overall look of the font changes slightly - it looks a little bit less "stiff" and also more modern, don't you think? Try out the letter spacing technique on your paragraph text font and see if you like the results!

Play with italics and bold

Sure, italics and bold exist because they serve specific purposes when they're used on specific words. But, if you want to use either of these effects on your whole heading or title, nobody will necessarily know you're using them! These effects can give any font a totally different look so it's worth trying to just see what your font looks like after applying italics and/or bold. You might be surprised by what you get!

An example that really, really, really shows how different a font can become with italics and bold applied is this one - Corben! In this case, the top is the regular Corben font, but the bottom features the Corben font transformed by italics and bold at the same time. Doesn't it look like a completely different font?! I just love how the feel of this font changes from old-fashioned and sophisticated to jaunty and even retro!

Change the color

Changing the color of a font is something that's often considered to be a little bit juvenile and unprofessional. And don't get me wrong, it can be if used erratically and un-responsibly, but it's definitely not something you should always avoid!

One fool-proof way of changing the color of a font (or fonts) on your website is to use an alternative to true black (#000000). Choosing a dark color with an undertone of gray, brown, blue, red, or any other color that speaks to your brand can really change the feel of your website in an understated way.

Another way is to choose one of your brand colors to use on a select few fonts or bits of text around your website. This is a great way to break up the mundaneness and monotony of a single color and highlight important pieces of information! If you choose to use this technique, it's best to use just one color and use it sparingly. Too many colors will be distracting for readers.

In the example below, which features the Poppins Semi Bold font, changing the color from true black (#000000) to a bright blue (#68D9D9), changes the feel completely. This color, (combined with the font choice, too), evokes playful and happy emotions. You can easily see how using this color across some text on your website could help reinforce your brand message.

Add a highlight

Similar to changing the color of a font, you could add a colored highlight for a bold and modern look! A highlight adds a pop of color and also introduces an interesting graphic element to your website, too!

In the example below, which utilizes the same Poppins Semi Bold font as above, I added the same color blue highlight (#68D9D9) and also changed the color of the font to white (#ffffff). Black text with a bright blue highlight wouldn't evoke quite the same emotions that white text with a blue highlight does. Utilizing a highlight is a really great way to draw attention to certain pieces of text. And remember that when you add a highlight, make sure to play around with changing the font color as well!

Use Wix Effects

Wix has nine different text effects that do all sorts of things like add shadows and outlines to fonts. I'll be honest and admit I don't love these effects and therefore don't use them very often. In fact, I'd recommend using them sparingly if you do. (It's just that they can be a little bit cheesy sometimes, but it's all about playing around and discovering what works for your brand!)

In this example, we use a pretty popular and modern Wix font called Lulo Clean. You can see that after applying effect "H" (which adds a white shadow behind the text) it almost looks like the text is popping out of the screen! This effect gives the text a three-dimensional look which makes it look less static and gives it a little "oomph!" Test out a few of the Wix effects with different fonts and even colors and see what you think - you might find a really cool combination!


So there you have it! 6 easy ways to transform the free Wix fonts into unique typography for your brand and your website. Now you never need to feel like you're settling for a basic or boring font when there are so many ways to alter the look and feel of them - making them unique to your brand!

Have you tried any of these techniques yet? What's your favorite way to transform a free Wix font?