• Kimberly Sullivan

4 Must-Have Social Media Planning Tools For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, your hands are full. Especially when you're just starting, you're responsible for all aspects of your business - something that bigger agencies have the luxury of assigning to multiple people. So you've gotta take any help you can get when it comes to streamlining your biz, right?! (Even if that help is in the form of online tools!)

And when it comes to social media, it can get overwhelming real quick. With so many different social media platforms to consider and only so much content that can be created, I know how difficult it can be to manage. Luckily, there are a few tools that really help make planning and managing your social media a task you're totally capable of rocking out on your own.

Ready for the list that's gonna change your business life?! Let's get to it.

1. Later

For scheduling and auto-publishing your social media posts

Later is my absolute favorite social media scheduler because it's one of the few schedulers that have an auto-publish feature. That means you can plan out your posts, set them to publish at a specific date and time, and forget about it! It's a total lifesaver. And it works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! Here's how it works, really quickly.

Upload your media into the media library, where you can assign labels to each image or video if you want to categorize. Then, simply drag and drop media onto the calendar where you'll be prompted to write captions, tag people, add a location, etc. Then you can schedule the post to go out at a specific date and time and auto-publish or you can opt to receive a notification when it's time to publish and you can do it manually.

A couple of really cool features about Later that I love is the ability to write and schedule posts for multiple platforms at one time, which means you don't have to write the same post for Facebook and Instagram twice (so convenient). There's also the ability to save commonly used captions and add the first comment to Instagram posts. Later also has a "Preview" ability which allows you to drag and drop media onto a visual planner (for Instagram only) rather than the calendar so you can plan out what your feed will look like! Oh, and you can even schedule out Instagram stories!

The free version is great when you're just starting and to give you an idea if Later will work for you, but upgrading is totally worth it in my opinion. You get lots of extra features like analytics and the ability to reply to Instagram comments right from your desktop. Oh yeah, and did I mention that Later is a website and an app?! That means you have access to your scheduler from your computer or your phone. Later is just - amazing.

2. Missinglettr

Automatically and easily repurpose blog content

Raise your hand if you publish a blog post, post about it on social media immediately after publishing it, and then never mention it again. 🙋‍♀️ I know I've been there. But treating your blog posts as a one-and-done deal isn't doing you any favors. Not to mention it's not doing those blog posts any justice either!

Missinglettr (affiliate link) shows you how to repurpose your blog content into multiple social media posts, which keeps traffic coming to your website and automatically creates easy content for your social media platforms - it's a complete win-win! And when I say, "Missinglettr shows you how," what I really mean is, it's totally automated. I know it sounds crazy so let me break down how it works.

After connecting your website, Missinglettr detects new blog posts automatically, so you don't have to constantly be uploading your blog post URLs, which I mean, wow. Talk about simple! Then, after each blog post is uploaded to your Missinglettr dashboard, it becomes a campaign. It's up to you to then go through each of the following categories: hashtags, mentions, images, and quotes, and approve or delete the automatically-generated ones by Missinglettr. You can also always add content. For example, if your blog post doesn't have any images in it, you have the option to upload some here.

After approving all of the elements that will make up the campaign, simply clicking 'Build Campaign' will show you the actual social media posts that Missinglettr has generated and the days that they are each scheduled to publish. (And YES, they do post automatically)! At this point, you can scroll through the posts and make little edits if you want to, like changing the picture that's displayed, or toggling through other quotes if you don't love the one that was selected.

Missinglettr (affiliate link) is honestly that scheduling tool you didn't realize you needed and I super encourage you to check it out. It's a great way to keep your content in front of people and catch their attention in a way you may not have thought of! Plus, Missinglettr offers a free version so there's no harm in giving it a try!

3. Canva

Easily create social media graphics from templates

Canva is hands-down the best graphic design tool for digital entrepreneurs. It's fun, easy-to-use, and affordable. Their free plan is wonderful, but Canva Pro is well worth it as it gives you access to tons of graphics and stock photos and you're able to set up a "Brand Kit" for your business as well.

The Brand Kit is a place for you to upload and store your logo, brand colors, and brand fonts, which makes creating graphics and social media templates a billion times easier and quicker. When you go into the editor and pull up the colors and fonts, the ones you identified in your Brand Kit will be front and center, meaning you can quickly click them without having to copy and paste hex codes or scroll through hundreds of fonts each time you create something!

Whether you choose from any of Canva's premade templates for all kinds of social media posts or design your own, creating templates is a great timesaver and a way to keep your content consistent across your brand too!

4. Momentum Dash

For staying inspired and accountable

Momentum Dash is a simple and free Chrome plugin that transforms your New Tab page into a personalized landing page meant to incite productivity. While this isn't necessarily a social-media-planning-specific tool, it is incredibly helpful for managing your business tasks (including those related to your social media strategy)! Not only does it greet you by name, display the time and weather, and showcase inspirational photos and quotes, it acts as a to-do list!

Your page includes a place to write your main focus for the day as well as create a to-do list with more specific tasks you want to complete. It's such a great way to stay on track because every time you open a new tab you're reminded of what you need to accomplish that day! You even get the satisfaction that comes with checking off the tasks as you complete them. (Who doesn't love that feeling)? I also love that you can customize your Momentum Dash page with your most-visited links and apps!

Even though social media is a huge project for any business, these tools can make it a lot less overwhelming.

Any other must-have social media planning tools that you swear by? Share them in the comments!